The Master in Western Marketing looks for the students to finish with the capacities of understanding and applying marketing fundamentals and strategies in accordance with the company’s strategy. An international atmosphere allows you to experience other cultures, improve your communication skills, and build a global network of friends. Site de l'Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. A poitiers, le Master 1 Marketing sinscrit dans une optique de découverte et de continuité avec les spécialisations proposées en deuxième année de Master. Applicants are ranked by their test result (GRE score is transferred to a GMAT score). The Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy is not just another Master in Marketing. You will learn more about the scientific and social significance of art, culture and heritage and will acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of cultural policy, cultural education, and the management and marketing of arts and heritage. The University of Copenhagen offers a wide range of Master's degree programmes (MA/MSc) taught in English. Additionally, the public sector is increasingly aware of marketing needs, making public sector jobs a growing opportunity. Near 80 % of graduates from 2018 had a job offer within 2-4 months after completion of studies. Its ambition is to offer established marketing wisdom and practice, and expand them further. Many of our students choose to go on exchange. Entreprises. However, applicants with test results are prioritized in the admission. Are you intrigued by how marketing affects consumers and their behaviour? Master Marketing, vente; Master Santé publique; Master Biochimie, biologie moléculaire; ... La Loi du 23 décembre 2016 a modifié les modalités d’accès au diplôme national de master. ), une agence de communication, voire en freelance. The MSc Marketing provides an integrated approach to marketing that combines advanced knowledge in traditional and digital marketing with a strategic mindset. Develop a strategic approach to marketing Students possessing a Master’s degree first year, preferably with a basic training in marketing / management (master 1, business schools, management schools, etc. Many courses include prominent guest lecturers from our partner companies and other organizations. master the ever-changing paradigm and pioneer the future of marketing The perfect fit for students who strive to enhance their analytical and strategic skills in order to pursue a successful career where they can readily adapt to the ever-developing marketing world. de l'Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. Submenu for Scholarships for fee paying students, Submenu for Collaborate with our students, Scholarships for students at the School of Business, Economics and Law, Value creation and utilisation of research, Terms and processing personal data in the Ad Portal, Initiatives for newcomers and integration, Health care, banks, taxes and civil registration, Master of Science in Marketing and Consumption. More programme specific information about possibilities to study abroad can be found under Exchange opportunities. Throughout the programme, you will experience a wide range of learning activities including case-work, lectures, seminars, labs, and presentations.  Beyond marketing tools and best practices, learn how marketing can create value in unexplored ways. The School of Business, Economics and Law and the University of Gothenburg collaborate with a large number of partner universities all over the world. Former ses collaborateurs; ... Master 1 Marketing, Vente (Bourg-en-Bresse) Master 2 Management et Direction Commerciale - DIRCO (Formation Continue) Master 2 Marketing Connecté et Communication Digitale - MCCD (Alternance) It is not mandatory for applicants to send test result from GMAT/GRE. The master's programme in Marketing and Consumption explores marketing, branding, meeting sustainability challenges, and understanding consumers in a global marketplace. Through cutting-edge, research-based courses, it gives you an opportunity to develop strategic thinking and top-quality skills in marketing and consumption. See the full list of programmes below – or find relevant programmes according to your areas of interest. Do you see yourself working in a fast-paced, dynamic international corporation? 1 Rue de la Libération Sweden. On peut déjà les classer par structures, le communiquant peut en effet travailler en entreprise (de toute taille), pour une institution (exemple : une mairie, une association, et etc. You will gain foundational knowledge in eight mandatory courses: •    Marketing in the Service Economy •    Sustainable Marketing Management•    Consumption and Markets •    Multivariate Data Analysis•    Advanced Qualitative Methods •    Branding and Consumption •    Retail Marketing and Creating•    Developing and Dissolving Business Relationships. By studying abroad, you will be given the opportunity to experience a new academic environment, new culture and gain new experiences and perspectives. Occupant un rôle-clé au sein des départements marketing, chefs de produit et brand managers doivent démontrer une parfaite maîtrise des composantes du mix marketing, de la stratégie publicitaire omnicanale de marque et posséder des compétences solides dans le domaine des études de marché. TSM, au sein de l'Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, propose un enseignement académique et professionnel de qualité, garant d’une insertion professionnelle rapide. Applicants with a lower score will be placed in selection group 3. The competence you will gain through an in-depth understanding of sustainability marketing will give you an edge in your future career. Master Marketing digital. Retrouvez sur cette page l'ensemble des diplômes proposés au sein de la mention Marketing, Vente, dirigée par Jean-François Lemoine et Pierre Médan. Marketing is an important field within business administration at the School of Business, Economics, and Law in Gothenburg, and over the years, thousands of satisfied students have obtained their diplomas in marketing. Master Marketing et Stratégie, parcours 207 - Luxury Management Université Paris-Dauphine, ranked n°19 at Eduniversal Bests Masters Ranking First, the Master brings marketing aims beyond customer satisfaction, to cater to individual and collective well-being. Gain a detailed and state of the art view on the 4 P’s of marketing: price, promotion, place, and product - both in an offline as well as in an online context. Knowledge about sustainability challenges and sustainable development is highly demanded in the marketing profession. A Bachelor's degree (equivalent to 180 ECTS credits) from an internationally recognized university and English 6/English B from Swedish upper secondary school or the equivalent level of an internationally recognized test. Gain a global and complete understanding of marketing issues Get the best education in Marketing The will acquire the techniques to obtain information about the market situation and the different scenarios. More information about exchange opportunities, The University of Gothenburg The School of Business, Economics and Law is located at one end of Vasagatan, closest to Haga, and at Viktoriagatan 13. A minimum of 60 credits of courses in business administration, and a minimum of 15 credits in statistics or 7,5 credits in statistics and 7,5 credits in quantitative methods and/or mathematics. A work skill that we believe is a decisive success factor in your future career. For more information about general entrance Requirements see (English) and (Swedish). Media planner and assistant planner, marketing and digital marketing coordinator, marketing assistant, trade marketing professional, transport manager, eBusiness specialist. This programme is designed by RSM’s faculty members, who are among the most productive researchers in the world. Applicants are not guaranteed their first choice. The programme offers up-to-date courses by experienced and qualified professors. The marketing faculty at the School of Business, Economics and Law enjoys a reputation as one of the best in Sweden in both research accomplishments and classroom tuition.  Through hands-on seminars and challenges including the LVMH Challenge, gain a practical insight to marketing. Network with the world’s best marketing players  This allows marketers to pursue new business opportunities by improving If any places are left they are distributed to applicants in group 3. Box 100 Learn how to leverage digital transformations L’interdisciplinarité et le croisement des connaissances dans le domaine de la Supply Chain, du Marketing et du Management sont au cœur de la formation. Get oriented towards the practice of a marketing manager. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of our high-quality international partner universities. Following this evolution, this program offers a curriculum that uses a multi-disciplinary approach (management, anthropology, psychology, law, statistics and computational subjects), with the aim of providing a solid background in each macro-area of marketing activities (market analysis, consumers behavior knowledge, development of marketing strategic decisions, evaluation of financial … The Master of Science in Digital Marketing & CRM provides a unique opportunity to strengthen both your knowledge in digital marketing and customer relationship management. It targets you who want to learn about the role of marketing and consumption in contemporary society, its cultural underpinnings, and global dimensions. The last date to write the GMAT/GRE and other important information. office for more information. (0), MASTER THE EVER-CHANGING PARADIGM AND PIONEER THE FUTURE OF MARKETING, Over 300 companies recruited HEC graduates, Webinar - MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation, Webinar - MSc Data Science for Business X-HEC, Master in Management & Business Law HEC - Paris 1, Master in Management & Innovation HEC - TUM, Master in Management & Public Affairs HEC - FU BERLIN, Inclusive & Social Business Certificate for free-movers, Personalized Consultation for High Potential Women. The master's programme in Marketing and Consumption explores marketing, branding, meeting sustainability challenges, and understanding consumers in a global marketplace. ), are invited to apply. 34 Cours Léopold 54000 Nancy 03 72 74 00 00 . General Entrance Requirements: Applicants are ranked by number of credits reported on the last day for application (max. In addition, marketing analytics courses provide you an excellent toolbox to analyze and interpret the consumer and business market. Le Master « Marketing Vente » a pour double objectif lacquisition des bases théoriques et opérationnelles solides nécessaires à lentrée sur le marché du travail dune part, et lopportunité dune immersion en entreprise permettant de mettre en place et daffiner un projet professionnel cohérent et dacquérir une expérience valorisante, dautre part. 350 is the minimum score required. Master parcours Logistique, marketing & distribution. In addition to the core courses providing foundational knowledge, you will have the opportunity to choose between a variety of elective courses to tailor your learning experience, for example in consumer decision-making, service design, or digital marketing. Le master vise ainsi à former des chefs de produit, brand marketing et chargé d’études marketing experts en études consommateur, management de l’innovation produit, stratégie publicitaire et éditoriale de marqu… The building is usually nicknamed "Handels". If you’re interested in learning about the role of marketing and consumption in contemporary society and how it can address current social, economic, and sustainability challenges, then apply for the master’s programme in Marketing and Consumption. 165 ECTS credits). Master 1 Marketing, formation initiale, gestion, iae Université Toulouse 1 Capitole - Master (M1) mention Marketing, vente, parcours-type Marketing stratégique droit - économie - gestion You will be part of a multicultural classroom. Due to our cutting-edge research focus, the programme is excellent preparation for PhD studies. An international group of students with different educational backgrounds and work experiences will enrich your studies and prepare you for a successful international career. Around 70% of our graduate students from 2019 had a job offer within 2 months after graduation. No fees are charged for EU and EEA citizens, Swedish residence permit holders and exchange students.  Our MSc Marketing is ranked #1 worldwide (2020 QS ranking). Recent theoretical developments in marketing are combined with up-to-date, real-world cases analyzed in close cooperation with the surrounding society and companies. First, all places are allocated to applicants in group 1 and 2. The programme deals with regional, national, and global aspects of sustainable consumption, consumer behaviour, and maintaining a competitive advantage. Logo du master LMD Le master Logistique, Marketing & Distribution forme des professionnels polyvalents capables de comprendre et de maîtriser les évolutions de l’entreprise. Master of Marketing applicants normally already have an understanding of the core concepts essential to marketing, and hold a Bachelor's degree in a related subject. Please visit International Notice: Some functionality may be limited if JavaScript is disabled, please enable JavaScript for a better experience. ... Université de Lorraine. You will also have the opportunity to specialize in an area of your interest with elective courses from marketing or other disciplines, such as events and tourism, logistics, innovation management, and international business. Group 3 is applicants ranked by number of university credits (ECTS credits). TSM propose des diplômes de Licences et Masters, en formation initiale et en alternance, dans les principales disciplines du management : comptabilité-contrôle, finance, gestion des ressources humaines, marketing, stratégie. Programme specific entrance requirements: 405 30 Gothenburg Les universités et écoles de commerce en France proposent des Master en Marketing à visée internationale ce qui s'ajoute aux concepts de base tels que la 78350 Jouy-en-Josas - +33. It is also possible to choose courses in other fields, such as management and tourism. A l'université de Bordeaux, tous les masters 1 ont désormais une capacité d'accueil.  Gain expertise in a range of subjects, Data Science and Business Analytics, BtoC, BtoB, Digital Marketing, etc. Are you interested in understanding how marketing and consumption can address sustainability challenges? L’université offre une large palette de formations de grande qualité dans le domaine du marketing. The master’s programme in Marketing and Consumption is ideal for you who want to gain expertise in a critical area for success—understanding customers and how to respond to changing customer needs. It targets you who want to learn about the role of marketing and consumption in contemporary society, its cultural underpinnings, and global dimensions. Many of the electives in the MSc Marketing Management would not have been in the curriculum 10 or even 5 years ago. The programme culminates with your master’s thesis. The master’s programme in Marketing and Consumption has a long-standing reputation for addressing sustainability in marketing, with dedicated courses for more than fifteen years. Discover the detailed program in video. More information about programme structure and content. Grupp 1 is applicants with a GMAT/GRE score. The marketplace is dynamic and ever changing, with continuous product launches competing for consumer attention and loyalty. Le Master Communication offre des débouchés variés. En intégrant ce Master, vous rejoignez également l’Université PSL.Classée parmi les 50 premières universités mondiales (THE, QS), PSL offre des formations graduées d’excellence, aux niveaux Master et Doctorat, qui s’appuient sur les forces scientifiques de tous ses établissements-composantes. In the master’s in Arts and Heritage, you will approach art and heritage from different perspectives.  The program will allow you to understand the impact of technology on marketing practices and all the latest trends in the marketing world. Also you will have ample opportunities for exchange studies. Graduates of the programme receive a degree of Master of Science in Marketing and Consumption. En intégrant ce Master, vous rejoignez également l’Université PSL.Classée parmi les 50 premières universités mondiales (THE, QS), PSL offre des formations graduées d’excellence, aux niveaux Master et Doctorat, qui s’appuient sur les forces scientifiques de tous ses établissements-composantes. Marketing is the promotion of products and services, and it is essential for any business that wants to experience success. Site de P… The perfect fit for students who strive to enhance their analytical and strategic skills in order to pursue a successful career where they can readily adapt to the ever-developing marketing world. The building at Vasagatan houses the Economics Library, which is several floors high and offers many study places. Presentation of our Master of Science in Digital Marketing & CRM. Applicants who meet the general and programme specific entrance requirements are divided into 3 groups. Les candidats au Master en Marketing possèdent généralement déjà une connaissance des concepts essentiels de base du marketing, et ont obtenu une licence dans une filière similaire. There are also opportunities in the private sector, for example we have graduates working in leading companies in Sweden and internationally, such as Forsman & Bodenfors, Santa Maria AB, Unilever, L’Oréal, SEB, ELLOS, and Essity. Group 2 is applicants admitted to 300 hp-Handelshögskolans Ekonomprogram, Logistikprogram or SMIL, uthålligt företagande eller miljöekonomi- that are guaranteed a place on one of the MSc programmes.